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Trident Series

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The Illuminarium Trident Aquarium Series is finally here.

Featuring a full aluminium heat-sinked body with linking capability and IP68 (moisture proof), the Trident is a serious contender to all competing products in its class! Can be used as main or supplemental lighting, the Trident is designed for a straight forward, plug and play deployment. Hang it over open tops or retrofit under aquarium hoods, high humidity or high room temperature, the Trident is made for all your aquarium lighting needs with many conditions in mind. The Trident is also available in freshwater versions.

Benefits of LEDs:

Reef Friendly:

  • Zero transferable heat output
  • No harmful UV rays emitted
  • Less Water Evaporation

User Friendly:

  • Instant Start
  • Cool to the touch
  • Solid state - no shattering of glass
  • Plug and Play with no retrofitting needed, right out of the box

Environment Friendly:

  • Small Carbon Footprint
  • Zero Mercury

High Efficiency:

  • Low cost to run comparing to MH
  • Savings from not running power hungry chillers
  • Long life, up to 50,000 hours bulb lifespan
  • No Ballasts or MH / Flourescent Bulbs to run or replace

Product Data:


  • Epileds 1W High Output white leds at 10,000K - 12,000K
  • Epileds 1W High Output royal blue leds at 450nm - 460nm
  • Epileds 1W High Output blue leds at 460nm - 470nm

LED Arrangement:

  • Alternating, mixed light combination

Color Combination:

  • 50/50 (white / blue and royal blue), ratio W:B / RB = 1:1
  • Aqua Blue (blue / royal blue), ratio B:RB = 1:1
  • Cool Blue (white / blue / royal blue), ratio W:B:RB = 1:1:1
  • Freshwater (all white)


  • Provided by a single mold, full body aluminium heat sink

Metal Halide Comparison:

  • varies, depending on size of Trident. Rule of thumb - 1W of led power equates to 2W to 2.5W of MH.

Recommended Tank Size:

  •   varies, depending on size of Trident

Available Sizes:

  • 12" - 9W - MSRP $100
  • 24" - 18W - MSRP $140
  • 36" - 27W - MSRP $170
  • 48" - 36W - MSRP $200

Fixture Color Option:

  • Aluminium Silver


* = Lumen output is highly dependent on the color temperature of each led. White leds are usually higher in lumen output than blue leds, The lumen output of fixture is then derived from overall color temperature.

** = Depending on overall makeup of the color temperature of leds, this number can also vary. It is also dependent on the type of inhabitants being kept.

*** = As leds are uni-directional when delivering light output, the recommended tank size varies on a case by case basis, depending on the overall dimensions of the tank.